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Ian Myers Counselling

Hello, my name is Ian and I offer private counselling based from my home office near Basingstoke in North Hampshire. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Hypnotherapy and am an Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society (NCS).

I offer counselling and Hypnotherapy to any adult (18+). All sessions are offered face-to-face, by telephone or through Zoom.

Unlike many Counsellors, I prefer not to adhere to any one particular approach, method or model of counselling. I believe that each person’s needs are unique and that a singular approach will not suit everybody. I would rather focus on developing a positive working relationship with you using a flexible approach to the many techniques available, to us, combining the strengths of multiple theories in order to apply those that are most beneficial to your specific needs. I also maintain a strict confidential, moral and ethical stance. Nothing that you bring to your counselling sessions are shared with anyone else.

I CAN do it

The talking therapies that I provide, gives you the time and a safe space to explore what is on your mind in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment. The safe space that I will provide for you, will hopefully allow you to understand yourself better and find solutions that really work for you.

Here are some examples of the types of issues that I can help you work through:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Difficulties at work or the work environment
  • Relationship issues such as separation, divorce, abuse
  • Depression
  • Addiction
  • Anger management
  • Personal development and motivation
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Sexuality and Gender Issues
  • Smoking cessation
  • Low Self-Esteem
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Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy.

Wayne Dyer